painting, human paintings, painter, corporate, event, luxembourg, performers, living painting, art, live canvas
Corporate Event in Luxembourg
In the heart of Luxembourg, on the 22nd of June, an enchanting corporate soirée unfolded, weaving a tapestry...
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artist, painter, illusion, 3D, 3D artist, street art, painting, event, france, drawing, chalk, chalk drawing
Store grand opening in Cagnes sur Mer
In the vibrant heart of Cagnes sur Mer, France, June heralded the grand opening of a captivating store...
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event, corporate event, show, performer, painter, paint, painting, speed painter, glue and glitters, london, united kingdom, england, live painting, glue and glitter painting
Glue and Glitters Act in London
In the heart of London, on the illustrious 13th of May, excitement filled the air as the Tobacco Dock...
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glue and glitters, amsterdam, speed painter, speed painting, glue and glitters painter, painting, painter, artist, show, event, live painting, live painter
Glue and Glitters Act in Amsterdam
At the beginning of May, the vibrant city of Amsterdam hosted a marvelous corporate event that left an...
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