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All event planners are looking for digital and technology entertainment
Technology Entertainment is the new gold of entertainment. About three years ago event planners and event...
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saudi arabia, Tabuk, Jeddah, Abha, Aseer, Al-Madina, Eid celebration, entertainment, light drummers, led drummers, drummers parade
Eid celebration entertainment in Saudi Arabia
Amidst the joyous celebrations of Eid, our entertainment agency had the distinct honor of bringing enchantment...
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indian event, entertainment geneva, swiss event, indians, indian event, entertainment, swiss entertainment
Entertainment for an Indian event in Geneva
In the picturesque city of Geneva, Switzerland, an air of excitement and anticipation filled the atmosphere...
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sosterne grene, inauguration, store, stilts walkers, show, entertainment, opening, hamburg,
Inauguration of the Sostrene Grene @ Hamburg
Last week, we were in Hamburg for the inauguration of Sostrene Grene store. Our stilts walkers made the...
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