Exhibition entertainment in Amsterdam

fair exhibition, fair entertainment, exhibition entertainment, smart city, green city,

Amidst the bustling energy of the Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam, renowned speed painter Viktor once again wielded his brush with mastery, unveiling a magnificent painting that left audiences spellbound. This time, Viktor employed the innovative Splash Painting technique to bring his vision to life, creating a stunning masterpiece that captured the imagination and showcased his […]

Birthday party entertainment

amsterdam, birthday entertainment, boat performance, birthday performance, boat entertainment, glitter, masterdam, glue painter

Amidst the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, our esteemed speed painter, Viktor, returned once again to mark a special occasion—the birthday celebration of a distinguished lady. Set against the backdrop of the city’s iconic waterways, the event unfolded on a boat, where guests gathered to toast to another year of joy and prosperity. Despite the constraints […]

Entertainment for a corporate event and logo reveal

entertainment corporate event, logo reveal, amsterdam, pharmaceutical company, splash painting, speed painter, logo unveil, corporate event

In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, an international pharmaceutical company convened for its highly anticipated kickoff meeting, marking the beginning of a new chapter and the unveiling of its 2018 logo. To add a touch of creativity and excitement to the occasion, the company enlisted the talents of our esteemed speed painter to create a […]

Dance duo for a gala dinner in the Netherlands

dance duo, gala dinner, netherlands, Kasteel de Haar, Utrecht, dance performance, dance couple

Nestled in the charming city of Utrecht, the majestic Kasteel de Haar served as the enchanting backdrop for a night to remember, as our Lover Dancers took center stage to dazzle guests with their captivating performance. Against the backdrop of the castle’s timeless beauty, they wove a tale of passion and romance that left all […]

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