Art performance in London

art performance, art performance london, london, UK, speed painter, andy warhol, painting show, paint performer

London witnessed another moment of artistic brilliance at a prestigious event, where our talented speed painter astounded the audience by creating an Andy Warhol portrait in just a few minutes. The exquisite venue for this enchanting affair was none other than the Dorchester hotel, setting the stage for a remarkable gathering—the Art Ball. As strokes […]

Glue and Glitters Act in London

event, corporate event, show, performer, painter, paint, painting, speed painter, glue and glitters, london, united kingdom, england, live painting, glue and glitter painting

In the heart of London, on the illustrious 13th of May, excitement filled the air as the Tobacco Dock played host to a corporate product launching party like no other. Against the backdrop of this iconic venue, anticipation ran high as attendees eagerly awaited the unveiling of the latest innovation. Stepping into the spotlight, a […]

Splash Painting in London

splash painting, splash painter, london, england, artist, speed painter, national history museum

A wonderful party which took place in London at the Natural History Museum in November 2016 !     A splash painter bewitched the guests while painting a young boy’s portrait.     An incredible show which took place in a sumptuous place !

2 shows for Family Day at Eurotunnel

family day, eurotunnel, shadow show, coquelles, Samphire Hoe, shadows, live shows, eurotunnel

We had the pleasure to create one unique shadows show that played at two differents venues at the same time!   Since the event was for Eurotunnel during Family Day, the shadows show played on both sides of the tunnel: in Coquelles (France) and in Samphire Hoe (England).   Our team of 18 people made […]

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