Corporate magic in China

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In the bustling metropolises of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, amidst the dazzling lights and dynamic energy of China’s urban landscape, a touch of magic was added to the scene as our digital magician embarked on an enchanting journey. Armed with cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity, he set out to captivate audiences with his spellbinding digital illusions. […]

Magician in Shanghai, China

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In the vibrant cityscape of Shanghai, China, a corporate event in July witnessed the arrival of our renowned magician, bringing with him a spellbinding performance that seamlessly merged technology, poetry, and boundless imagination. This extraordinary act transcended cultural boundaries, enchanting the audience and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended. As […]

Magician in Shanghai, China

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On the 19th of May, a prestigious corporate event took place in Shanghai, China, to honour the famous brand Martell.   Our magician came to perform one of his incredible magic acts ! A poetic and imaginative moment, with a drop of talent which bewitched all the guests for sure !   An unforgettable night […]

Magic Show in Shangai

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In November 2016, Cartier launched its new collection in Shangai, China.     For the occasion, our magician has created a unique version of his show !     What a success, all the guests were mesmerized !

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