A very diversified professional life

alexandre hourdequin, alex hourdequin


Although he pursued his financial studies in Boston in the U.S.A., he decided to leave the world of business for the world of entertainment.


Not that was much of a surprise since he was born in a circus.


His parents were working at Circus Bouglione at the time and his subsequent childhood was spent in various circuses including Knie, Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey.


Once his studies were done, he took a position at  Feld Entertainment as “Performance Director” on their new show and production of “Barnum’s Kaleidoscape.”


Returning to Monaco he became the assistant general manager of a company called Marsu Productions. For four years he managed the rights of the famous comics characters created by Franquin: Marsupilami and Gaston Lagaffe.


After that it was a normal and logical step for him to return to the world of entertainment and live his passion fully.

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