Acrobatic Duo in Switzerland
An event took place last April in a little Swiss town called Bulle.   Our dazzling acrobatic duo came all the way down to Switzerland in order to perform (More...)
Corporate Event in Lausanne, Switzerland
In January, a fantastic corporate event took place in the beautiful town of Lausanne in Switzerland.   400 guests have been invited for the occasion and some of our artists came in order to entertain the guests : (More...)
Glitter Painter for a Gala Event in Switzerland
In December 2016, a wonderful gala event took place in Lausanne, Switzerland.   Our Glitter Painter came for the occasion in orde (More...)
Corporate Event in Geneva, Switzerland
In December 2016, the company MCI organized a corporate event with many guests in Geneva, Switzerland.   A dance company came to entertain the guests, and make them hit the dance floor all night long ! Dressed up wit (More...)
Contortion & Plate Spinning in Switzerland
A corporate event had been organized in December 2016 in Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland.     A wonderful act made of contortion and plate spinning had been designed for the occas (More...)
Julius Bär Artistic Event in Switzerland
In November 2016, the Swiss bank Julius Bär has organized a private event in Onex, Switzerland.     For the occas (More...)
Mapping dancers in Switzerland
Our team of mapping dancers did a wonderful job in Switzerland.   The corporate event took place at the Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne at the beginning of the month.   For the event, our mapping dancers cre (More...)
Geneva singing waiters
One of the top Switzerland jewelry manufacturers was organizing an upscale event for his customers near Geneva.   For the occasion, we had our singing w (More...)
Upscale music entertainment
We continue our December tour of events with our delicious singers who were part of an upscale event in Geneva.   The event was organized by a top luxury brand  (More...)
Switzerland close-up magician in December
We had our great close-up magician from Lyon to perform in Geneva, Switzerland in December.   It was for an upscale event at the beginning of last month and our (More...)