Lighting Violinist in Disneyland Paris
On the 9th of May, a splendid event took place inside one of the most famous theme parks in the world : Disneyland Paris !   Our beautiful and extremely talented lighting  (More...)
Glue and Glitters Act in Amsterdam
A marvellous corporate event took place in Amsterdam at the beginning of May.   For the occasion, our speed painter came to perform his glue a (More...)
Corporate Launch Party in Tunisia
A famous car brand organized a wonderful corporate launch party which took place inside the prestigious Regency Gammarth Hotel in Tunisia last April.   Our spe (More...)
Acrobatic Duo in Switzerland
An event took place last April in a little Swiss town called Bulle.   Our dazzling acrobatic duo came all the way down to Switzerland in order to perform (More...)
Corporate Event in Antibes, France
A wonderful corporate event took place last month in Antibes, France. More than 300 professionals from the tourism industry were there for the occasion.   Our incredible jazz quartet came to Antibes in order to enter (More...)
The Living Statue in India
A corporate event took place in April in Mumbai, India.   The worldwide phenomenon "the Living Statue" came all the way to India in order to entertain the guests. A poet (More...)
Sword Swallower in Venice
On April Fools Day, a sumptuous birthday was organized in Venice, Italy.   Our beautiful sword swallower came all the way to Italy in order to  (More...)
Aerial Act & Champagne in Grenoble
A prestigious corporate event took place at the end of March in Grenoble, France.   Our beautiful young artist came all the way to Grenoble in order to perform her fantastic aerial act in front of all the guests ! Mixing suppleness,  (More...)
Hand to hand on sticks
  • Two fantastic tightrope walkers
  • from Germany
  • Ref: equilibre_221
  • Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Close Up Magician in Monaco
In March, a fantastic corporate event took place in Monaco at Monte Carlo Casino.   Our close up magician came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests. All the guests were captivated by all the amazing acts (More...)