Close Up Magician in Paris
An amazing corporate event took place in Paris in February 2017.   Our close up magician came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests. Thanks to his dazzling acts and hi (More...)
Magicians for a Corporate Event in France
In January, a wonderful corporate event has been organized by a prestigious company in Paris, France in order to celebrate Epiphany.   6 of our wonderful magi (More...)
Tightrope Walking in Paris, France
A sumptuous event, organized by a luxury brand, took place in January at the Petit Palais in Paris, France.   Our Tightrope Walker mesmerized the guests while walking on a very thin wire (More...)
Diamond Party for an Event in Paris, France
In January 2017, a prestigious event took place Place Vendôme in Paris, France.   A Diamond Party took place for the occasion, & for the guests’ greatest pleasure ! Who would find the rea (More...)
Cyr Wheel Act in Paris, France
In December 2016, a corporate event took place in Paris, France.   Our Cyr Wheel artist mesmerized the audience thanks to her incredible act ! Her agility and her grace were completely amazing all along.   What a success ! (More...)
The young voice
  • French female singer from Paris
  • from France
  • Ref: musique_316
  • Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Soap bubble performer in Paris
During an awards ceremony that was held in Paris, France at the Maison de la Mutualité; our soap bubble artist brought the audience to his world.   Our soap bubble artist that we called (More...)
One night in Eiffel Tower !
HomeAway organized a competition #EiffelTowerAllYours for the UEFA EURO 2016 :   For the first time ever, 4 lucky people spend the night in the Eiffel Tower.     Into this ephemeral apartment, design (More...)
Happy birthday Paul Bert Serpette – Paris
For this 70th anniversary, the bigger flea market of the world with his 350 antiques made a gorgeous event!   Elegance, art, gastronomy, and amazing entertainments were in! For this very special occasion, Alain Ducasse, Hugo Desnoyer, Gilles  (More...)
Girls Band A Capella for a launch party
For a launch party, our "Girls Band A Capella" surprised guests with a medley of the historic songs of the brand advertising.   For the reveal of their new advertising campaign, our client (a french gas water brand), surpris (More...)