Prestigious Event in Luxembourg
In January, a prestigious event took place in Luxembourg with the grand-duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg.   Some of our artists came for the occasion to entertain the guests : stilt walkers, acrobats, dancers or bodypaintin (More...)
Corporate Event in Lausanne, Switzerland
In January, a fantastic corporate event took place in the beautiful town of Lausanne in Switzerland.   400 guests have been invited for the occasion and some of our artists came in order to entertain the guests : (More...)
“Diamonds & Champagne” Event in France
In December 2016, a wonderful corporate event took place in Gressy, France.   A "Diamonds & Champagne" party has been organized for the occasion for the guests' greatest pleasure ! Who would find (More...)
Gatsby and 1920’s/30’s themed party entertainment
Certain eras evoke opulence and glamour. While trends come and go there is always a certain class that people associate with the twenties and the early thirties. It was the era of grand celebrations, elaborate costumes and aspirations. With our special Gatsby themed entertainment you too can ge (More...)