Close Up Magician in Paris
An amazing corporate event took place in Paris in February 2017.   Our close up magician came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests. Thanks to his dazzling acts and hi (More...)
Singapore Gala Dinner – The Sliding Magician
Talents & Productions provided a magic interactive show for a private Gala Dinner in Singapore at the Shangri La Hotel.   (More...)
10 Tips for Engaging Entertainers
Entertainment is an important component of many corporate events. To ensure that it comes off flawlessly, here are some of the things to keep in mind:  
  1. Be sure that the proposal and contract clearly outline the program including start  time, end time and call times  (More...)
Why you Need a Talented MC for your Next Event
Do I Need to Hire an MC? People often wonder whether they should get a professional event organizer for their event. It's easy to overlook what a master of ceremonies can contribute to the entertainment and organization of a quality event. If you want your event to run smoothl (More...)