Corporate Event in Lausanne, Switzerland
In January, a fantastic corporate event took place in the beautiful town of Lausanne in Switzerland.   400 guests have been invited for the occasion and some of our artists came in order to entertain the guests : (More...)
Corporate event entertainment with diamond and champagne
We had a nice corporate event with some great entertainment last night in Paris.   The event took place at "Le Trianon". The Trianon is a concert  (More...)
Diam and Champ
  • Surprise for all your guests who will have a diamond in their champagne glass
  • From France
  • Ref: divers_164
  • Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Champagne events
Champagne is something that for centuries has been associated with glamour and celebrations. Whether it is winning a Grand Prix, sending a boat out to sea or toasting a happy couple champagne is seen as the reward for victory, a symbol of good luck or the best way to make an event official. And (More...)