Acrobatic Duo in Switzerland
An event took place last April in a little Swiss town called Bulle.   Our dazzling acrobatic duo came all the way down to Switzerland in order to perform (More...)
The Eastern Acrobatic Troupe
  • 3 beautiful acrobats
  • from Ukraine
  • Ref: equilibre_276
  • Price range: 3000 to 5000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Hand to hand on sticks
  • Two fantastic tightrope walkers
  • from Germany
  • Ref: equilibre_221
  • Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Juggler in Düsseldorf
A wonderful corporate event took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) in March 2017.   For the occasion, our fantastic juggler came all the way to Germany in order to entertain the guests. Thanks to his incredible skills and his deep imagination, his acts b (More...)
Acrobats for a Prestigious Event in Monaco
A sumptuous party took place at the beginning of March insisde the magnificent Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco).   Some of our acrobats came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests. Thanks to their agility, their talent and the (More...)
Contortion & Plate Spinning in Switzerland
A corporate event had been organized in December 2016 in Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland.     A wonderful act made of contortion and plate spinning had been designed for the occas (More...)
Cyr Wheel Act in Paris, France
In December 2016, a corporate event took place in Paris, France.   Our Cyr Wheel artist mesmerized the audience thanks to her incredible act ! Her agility and her grace were completely amazing all along.   What a success ! (More...)
Comical Act in Egypt
In November 2016, two of our amazing artists appeared on screen on the "Sheery's Studio" Show in Egypt.     Our two Canadian acrobats impressed everyone thanks to their tremendous talent and their friendlines (More...)
Stilt Walkers in Metz, France
In December 2016, les Galeries Lafayettes invited two stilt walkers in the beautiful town of Metz in France ! & (More...)
Acrobatics Acts in Saudi Arabia
In November 2016, several acrobatics acts took place in Saudi Arabia in the beautiful towns of Jeddah & Riyadh.   The (More...)