Aerial Act & Champagne in Grenoble
A prestigious corporate event took place at the end of March in Grenoble, France.   Our beautiful young artist came all the way to Grenoble in order to perform her fantastic aerial act in front of all the guests ! Mixing suppleness,  (More...)
Corporate Event in Lausanne, Switzerland
In January, a fantastic corporate event took place in the beautiful town of Lausanne in Switzerland.   400 guests have been invited for the occasion and some of our artists came in order to entertain the guests : (More...)
Diamond Party for an Event in Paris, France
In January 2017, a prestigious event took place Place Vendôme in Paris, France.   A Diamond Party took place for the occasion, & for the guests’ greatest pleasure ! Who would find the rea (More...)
“Diamonds & Champagne” Event in France
In December 2016, a wonderful corporate event took place in Gressy, France.   A "Diamonds & Champagne" party has been organized for the occasion for the guests' greatest pleasure ! Who would find (More...)
Prix de Diane Longines 2016 @ Hippodrome de Chantilly
We were in Chantilly, for this very special day where elegance meets sport : 167th edition of the Prix de Longines ! Our French harpist and our beautiful hostess with her giant branded dress were there.   Typically  (More...)
Birthday entertainment in Cannes
We just provided some great birthday entertainment in Cannes!   The venue was one of these incredible private villas in the heart of Cannes. Just a fe (More...)
Monte-Carlo Formula 1 race entertainment
We just finished to entertain the 2015 Monte-Carlo Formula 1 race!   A lot of gigs on boats during these past few days. One was quite exceptional with the presence of Cara De (More...)
Saint-Tropez wedding entertainment
Saint-Tropez is really the place to be during the summer and our agency is always asked to come up with some great entertainment.   This time we were in (More...)
Champagne Goddess
  • A unique way of serving champagne with our Goddess
  • from France
  • Ref: danse_0_3
  • Price range: less than 1000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Sion amazing strolling entertainment
Once again we were in Switzerland but this time in Sion to provide some (More...)