Jazz Band in Monaco
On the 4th of March, a wonderful corporate event took place inside the beautiful "Salles des Etoiles" in Monaco.   A fantastic jazz band came in order to make all the guests dance on some groovy and enchanting sound (More...)
Acrobats for a Prestigious Event in Monaco
A sumptuous party took place at the beginning of March insisde the magnificent Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco).   Some of our acrobats came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests. Thanks to their agility, their talent and the (More...)
The Swinging Tap Dancers
  • Tap Dancing Duo
  • from France
  • Réf: dance_177
  • Price range: 1000 to 3000 euros (on top of logistic costs)
Acrobatic Dancers in Doha, Qatar
A fantastic event took place in February at the Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, Qatar.   Our wonderful acrobatic dancers came all the way to Qatar to entertain the guests ! Thanks to their obvious cheerfulness and their incredible talent,  (More...)
Close Up Magician & Stilt Walkers in France
A wonderful corporate event has been organized in February in Lyon, France.   Some of our artists came for the occasion in order to entertain the guests : a close up magician and some (More...)
Stilt Walkers in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco organized its annual Christmas Market.   For the occasion, our stilt walkers came to entertain all the visitors thanks to their wonderful costumes and their incredible imagination. The spirit of Christmas w (More...)
Magicians for a Corporate Event in France
In January, a wonderful corporate event has been organized by a prestigious company in Paris, France in order to celebrate Epiphany.   6 of our wonderful magi (More...)
Music Group in Dusseldorf, Germany
A sumptuous birthday has been organized in January in Dusseldorf, Germany.   Our amazing band came for the occasion : three singers and even a DJ  (More...)
Monte Carlo Rally Gala Event in Monaco
In January 2017, a sumptuous gala event has been organized for the Monte-Carlo Rally in Monaco.   Our wonderful artists came all the way from Spain for the occasion ! They bewitched the guests with an amazing unique  (More...)
New Year’s Eve in Monaco
In December 2016, a wonderful party took place on New Year's Eve in a prestigious luxury hotel in Monaco.   Several artists came for the occasion : a contortionist, a close-up magician and an act mixing juggling, sounds, ligh (More...)