Living Statues in Paris
A wonderful corporate party took place last July inside the prestigious Musée Rodin in Paris, France.   In order to bewitch the guests, some artists came to perform their "living sta (More...)
Corporate Event in Luxembourg
A wonderful corporate party took place on the 22nd of June in Luxembourg.   Our troupe of human paintings came to perform a very imaginative and poetic act in front of (More...)
Magicians for a Corporate Event in France
In January, a wonderful corporate event has been organized by a prestigious company in Paris, France in order to celebrate Epiphany.   6 of our wonderful magi (More...)
Artistic Performance for an Event in Monaco
In January, a corporate event took place at the prestigious Yacht Club in Monaco.   Two of our artists came in order to bewitch the guests : an harpist and a caricaturist. The two of them managed to prove their wonderful talent to ev (More...)
Julius Bär Artistic Event in Switzerland
In November 2016, the Swiss bank Julius Bär has organized a private event in Onex, Switzerland.     For the occas (More...)
Happy birthday Paul Bert Serpette – Paris
For this 70th anniversary, the bigger flea market of the world with his 350 antiques made a gorgeous event!   Elegance, art, gastronomy, and amazing entertainments were in! For this very special occasion, Alain Ducasse, Hugo Desnoyer, Gilles  (More...)