21 Mar 2016
    Biot stage magician

    Biot is a wonderful city located in the heart of the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes, just five minutes from the Mediterranean shores.   For a day, the city organized a festival and t (More...)

    16 Mar 2016
    French mime performance in Paris

    About 200 foreigners got together in Paris during a corporate event at the National Library Richelieu.   For the occasion, the client was looking for a typical French mime.   That was j (More...)

    15 Mar 2016
    Tunisia live entertainment

    Our Opera groove band was in Tunisia to provide some live entertainment for an exceptional event.   The event took place at Terminal Audi in Tunis.   About 300 people were present and t (More...)

    14 Mar 2016
    Belgium music entertainment

    For one of our usual clients, a Belgian bank, we managed an electrical violin trio.   The event took place at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels.   Our girls did several sets on stage and a (More...)

    10 Mar 2016
    UIM gala entertainment in Monaco

    The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) organized the seventh edition of its World Champions Awards Giving Ceremony at the prestigious Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco.   The whole Powerboat (More...)